Rising Star Kieran Armitage Releases ‘Right Place, Wrong Time’

Rising star Kieran Armitage releases his third major musical release, Right Place, Wrong Time today. The track follows his previous releases heights and night swimmers. The emerging alt-pop star found success with both tracks, racking up a vast number of streams on Spotify and other streaming platfomrs.

Right Place, Wrong Time starts with atmospheric crowd noise before Kieran’s smooth vocals begin alongside a sultry electronic beat. The track recounts people meeting literally in the right place, at the wrong time – a romance that was not destined to work. It’s a stellar pop track filled with vibrant attitude, heartfelt energy, and moody anthemic production.

In our opinion this is Kieran’s best track yet – it’s a mature, intelligently-crafted track that is not afraid to experiment with its sound – specifically as the song closes.

You can connect with Kieran’s socials below and stream the track on Spotify here.

Lead image: Kieran’s Instagram

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