Introducing Rising Electronic Soulpop Artist Brandyn Killz

San Diego based artist Brandyn Killz has had a productive 2020 so far, releasing four standalone singles. The most recent of these is Alright, which has just been given the remix treatment.

Brandyn classifies himself within the genre of  “electronic soulpop, a fierce blend of modern electro with tendencies echoed from the classic 70s and 80s.” The soulful elements can certainly be felt in Brandyn’s vocal conviction. The singer has a welcoming tone and impressive range, something which is also showcased on the high energy Outta Control and our personal highlight dancepop anthem Find Me on the Dancefloor. The production shines on Brandyn’s debut single Bones which packs a fierce electronic beat, which the singer’s vocals glide across.

Brandyn is an impressive, distinctive voice in the world of LGBTQ+ music, providing a fresh perspective with his interesting blend of electronic pop and soul music. The singer wants his music to create: “a place where we can be whoever we want to be (even if only for a moment).” Brandyn “desires to create something new, timeless and different in the LGBTQ+ community, which he is a proud member of.”

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