Orlando LGBT Singer-Songwriter Billy Mick Releases “Just B” Album

We were immediately struck by Billy Mick’s soulful vocals on his track Just B, an inspirational pop track that soars through its heart-warming positive message celebrating themes that will resonate with the queer community. The Orlando native has dropped the track as part of his debut album Just B which is currently on streaming services.

On his inspiration for the title track, Billy states: “One day I became overwhelmed with anxiety and thought “WTF AM I DOING”?? I took some deep breaths and a long look at myself and wrote “Just B.” I immediately knew that it had to be the title track for the album!” The message of ignoring that voice of self-doubt or worry in the back of your head, is one that many will be able to relate to. With its uplifting production and Billy’s powerful rock-tinged vocals, Just B is one of the standouts of the album.

Other highlights include the more dance-centred Flesh and Bone a contemporary pride anthem about accepting that we are all human and our differences should be embraced. Angel is another treat geared towards the dancefloor, with an infectious chorus that will stick with listeners.

Billy has already started to think about his follow-up releases with London Calling, an attitude-filled pop anthem, planned to be the first taste of his next album.

You can connect with Billy’s social media channels below. Listen to Flesh and Bone above.

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