Italian ‘365 Days’ Star Michele Morrone Releases ‘Hard For Me’ Video from ‘Dark Room’ Album

We were incredibly pleased to be one of the first websites to have a review for Polish erotic drama 365 Days when it was released in UK cinemas in February. It has since gone on to become a Netflix sensation worldwide – making a global star of lead actor Michele Morrone. The Italian heartthrob is also a singer and released the album Dark Room the same week as the film’s release – many of the tracks featuring in the Barbara Bialowas directed smash. Michele has gone on to release the video for his latest single from the album, Hard For Me, which you can see above.

The husky voiced star sings: “You keep telling me that I am free to go / But I’m addicted to you” in lyrics which capture the narrative of the erotic thriller where Laura is initially kept with Massimo against her will. Michele goes on to sing “And I think you should know / That I won’t let it go / I thought that it was enough / But I don’t wanna say goodbye” in the song’s emotive chorus.

The Hard For Me video is directed by Fabrizio Conte and stars Michele alongside Emanuela Postacchini. Check out the full tracklist below.

1. Drink Me
2. Hard For Me
3. Watch Me Burn
4. Dark Room
5. Feel It
6. Do It Like That
7. Rain In The Heart
8. Dad
9. No One Cares
10. Next

Whilst we wait for official confirmation of a 365 Dni sequel we are keeping our fingers crossed that Michele will get the chance to record a follow-up album with the songs used in that.

You can download Dark Room here. Watch the video above. You can enjoy some of Michele’s sexiest moments here.

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