Queer Pop Act ‘Fab The Duo’ Release Debut EP ‘Our Love Is Resistance’

In the UK, USA and throughout Europe, right wing governments are sweeping to power, jeopardising the hard fought for rights of people of colour and those within the LGBTQIA+ community. This feels like a very prescient and powerful time for queer pop act Fab the Duo to emerge. Having just dropped their debut EP ‘Our Love Is Resistance’ and a video for its emotive title track, Fab launch a powerful, defiant statement against oppressors.

On the title track, the duo composed of boyfriends, Greg Driscoll and Brendan Eprile, note: “We recorded this song and music video at the beginning of 2020 in a world that feels very different from the one we live in now. Yet this track and its message seem more relevant than ever. We must fight against the hate and injustices of the world at all costs and know that love will prevail.” This feels more relevant than ever, seven months into 2020 when political tensions have become more fraught than ever.

Our Love Is Resistance Tracklist

  1. Our Love Is Resistance
  2. No Prince Charming (feat. MariahLynn)
  3. Stubborn
  4. I Want A Man
  5. American Icon

Greg and Brendan add: “This EP is a culmination of love from each other and what we have received. Love is and always will be the ultimate form of resistance, and we hope that by listening to this EP, people will learn to love a little bit more and feel inspired to be their true selves.”

It’s incredible to see a queer couple making a defiant statement with their music and Our Love Is Resistance feels like a necessary and massively relevant piece of LGBT cultural history. Fab the Duo pack an emotive urgency into the tracks, which showcase now, more than ever, a need for love, positivity and justice in the world.

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