Up and Coming LGBT Talent Aman Dhesi Debuts New Track ‘What I Know Now’

Toronto based singer songwriter Aman Dhesi has released What I Know Now, a breezy mid-tempo pop number centred on the theme of self-acceptance. On the new track, Aman notes:

“This song is for anyone who struggles with loving themselves,” particularly targeted at young queer audiences many of whom will relate to the struggle of coming to terms with their sexual identity. Aman adds “This is me looking back and telling my younger self everything that I know now,” with the empowering message of “never shy away from loving who you are.” In keeping with this theme, Aman has partnered with Toronto’s 519 Community Centre, with the aim to donate proceeds from the single in support of queer youth programs.

The track is penned by Aman and Mark Zubeck. It follows Aman’s debut EP Day One which was released August 2019 and featured the hit Rise Up. We were taken by What I Know Now as it is an enjoyable slice of pop with an admirable, positive message at its heart.

You can connect with Aman’s socials below. Stream the new track above.

Instagram: @amansdhesi
Facebook: Aman Dhesi
Twitter: adhesiTO

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