Katrina from Katrina & The Waves Releases New Single ‘Drive,’ Reveals ‘Hearts, Loves & Babys’ Album Details

Eurovision heroine and all round pop icon, Katrina Leskanich has debuted her long awaited new single Drive and teased the details of her upcoming studio album, Hearts, Loves & Babys.

Drive is written by Katrina and the album’s co-producer Darren Loveday. Katrina notes it is inspired by her love of hitting the open road, noting: “ I was dreaming about a road trip. One of my absolute favourite things is just to drive and not even have a plan.” Whilst written before lockdown and the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a lovely sense of escapism present in the track.

Drive is joined by another eight tracks also written by Katrina – the only non-original is a cover of classic jazz standard I Can’t Give You Anything but Love. The album also features Katrina’s 2020 Eurovision submission I Want to Love Again (described as a feel-good dance track), Holiday (a tongue-in-cheek anthemic pop number), and country ballad Beyond Love. You can see the full tracklist below:

Hearts, Loves & Babys Tracklist and Writing Credits:

1. Drive (Katrina Leskanich, Darren Loveday)
2. Who We Are (Katrina Leskanich, Nefertiti Jones)
3. Crazy Mama (Katrina Leskanich)
4. Move On (Katrina Leskanich)
5. Holiday (Katrina Leskanich)
6. I Want to Love Again (Katrina Leskanich, Darren Loveday)
7. Beyond Love (Katrina Leskanich)
8. I Can’t Give You Anything but Love (Jimmy McHugh, Dorothy Fields)
9 Every Step (Katrina Leskanich, Darren Loveday)
10. Willing (Katrina Leskanich)

Hearts, Loves & Babys also strikes something of a deeply personal tone for Katrina with themes of life, love, relationships and bereavement all tackled. Move On is a glimpse at the final moments of Katrina’s late mother: “It was tough, writing that… Sometimes people hang on through a lot of pain. I call it a death-bed lullaby, sitting at the side of the bed with someone saying, ‘It’s OK to move on.’” Whilst Crazy Mama remembers her mother in an exaggerated, fun light: “That was fun to write! I just turned her up to 11 and exaggerated all the wonderfully crazy things about my Mother.”

You can stream Drive above or through this link. Hearts, Loves & Babys is available on August 28th – you can pre-order here. For a physical CD copy head to Katrina’s official site.

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