Rome Based LGBT Artist Dolche Releases ‘Criminal Love,’ Ahead of ‘Exotic Diorama’ Album

Italian-French singer Dolche has an impressive twenty-years plus experience in the music industry. She gears up for her new studio album Exotic Diorama due for release in October, but ahead of this delivers new single Criminal Love.

Recorded in one take in a studio in Gothland island, Sweden, Criminal Love pairs Dolche’s gentle vocal tones with subtle unobtrusive guitar instrumentation. The track feels intimate, authentic, and beautifully engaging.

Dolche records the song as a tribute to her wife, noting that the track is a “atypical love song about the overwhelming force of a violent passion – an unavoidable force.” This is something channeled in the delicate black and white video which uses dancers to showcase the wealth of emotions being in love can prompt: “passion, hate, fun, attraction, distance, peace, regret etc.” This is chereographed by Dolche and Sadeck Berrabah, creator of the famous Geometrie Variable dance show.

Criminal Love follows Big Man and Roma which are both expected to feature on Dolche’s upcoming album. All three tracks are worth seeking out, alternative anthems that defy genre yet incorporate elements of folk, chanson française, world music, classical music, funk, and electronic music. A smorgasbord of music ecstasy!

Dolche’s new album, Exotic Diorama, will be released in October 2020. You can get hold of Criminal Love here. You can connect with Dolche’s socials below:

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