Exclusive First Look: LGBT Artist Rigel Gemini Recruits Heidi N Closet & Plastique Tiara for ‘Gorgeois’ Music Video

Opulence is on full display in the high camp video for rising LGBT talent Rigel Gemini’s new video Gorgeois. We’ve been incredibly lucky to have an exclusive premiere of the talented star’s brand new track – and it is right up our street. Not only does Rigel display buckets of his own fabulosity in the video for Gorgeois (pronounced “gorj-wah” honey), he is also joined by RuPaul’s Drag Race favourites Heidi N Closet and Plastique Tiara for the video, as well as queer rapper and producer Ocean Kelly.

The video for the fierce, high octane pop anthem is directed by Gemini’s husband Cameron Lee who manages to capture the glamorous, yet playful nature of the fiesty track – even more impressive when discovered the slickly produced video is shot on an iPhone 11 Pro.

Rigel notes: “This song taps into the dark side and is soaked in opulence, but in a fun, campy way. It’s a rap song with evil queen Maleficent undertones,” and that sense of controlled decadence is captured in LA-based stylist Marissa Motley’s looks used throughout the video. The use of platform combat boots, PVC shoulder pieces, and crossbody harnesses captures a playful yet defiantly queer aesthetic.

The video also benefits from the added appearances of Drag Race alumni Heidi and Plastique whom Rigel notes grasped the concept straight away: “Heidi and Plastique both immediately understood the concept of the song and brought the over-the-top energy of ‘Gorgeois’ to their performance.” With experience of working with Drag Race royalty Alyssa Edwards and Gia Gunn in the video for first music video for “I Can’t”, Rigel had a similarly incredible experience working with Heidi and Plastique: “Having Heidi N Closet in my music video just after the world has fallen in love with her on the most recent season of RuPaul’s Drag Race was such an honor. I am a huge fan, and she was as sweet to work with as she was on the show,” gushes Rigel. “Plastique Tiara is one of the most gorgeois queens ever so I was beyond overjoyed that she graced my video with her presence.” The duo are a perfect fit for the exuberant track with viewers already in love with their fierce drag personas. Queer rapper Ocean Kelly also brings a powerful attitude to the song in her powerful, attitude-filled rap.

We have fallen in love with the bold, over the top aesthetics of the high class video and Rigel’s elegant, glamorous vocal delivery. From Heidi’s whistle in the video introduction, we’re sucked into the Gorgeois world that Rigel crafts. Lyrics such as “Gorgeois baby, stun like crazy, show you got it, come and flaunt it, fancy lady…” will stick with you for the foreseeable.

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Photos: Cameron Lee

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