Film: Culture Fix Launches ‘Queer 52’

As an independently run site, Culture Fix has tried to keep a unique identity by only posting about content that matters to us. Whether this be the pop music we care about, cult cinema or LGBT-themed content. There’s a pressure when writing a blog of this variety to cover everything to stay afloat and be noticed – and with the wealth of pop culture sites out there, well we know that’s not for us.

However, since starting in 2010 we’ve built a steady following (thank you!) by positing the content that matters to us. Something that we are passionate about is queer voices in cinema – and these are voices that we want to focus on in 2019. That’s why we’re launching our new feature ‘Queer 52’ where we will shed light on queer releases of the past and present. In the UK, we’re fortunate to have fantastic distributors like Peccadillo Pictures and TLA Releasing which bring us the best in queer cinema. Streaming platforms like Dekkoo have also provided access to hundreds of gay releases and we hope to bring some of the best to your attention throughout the year. 

Why 52? We aim to feature a new queer release each week of the year under the #Queer52 banner and we’ll ensure to share where you can access this. 

We’ll be kicking Queer 52 off with our review of TLA’s Sodom tomorrow.

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