Diving Into the Music of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK’s Queens

The Queens of the debut season of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK have to be some of the most prolific musicians to come from the franchise. We personally cannot think of any other series to produce as many post-Drag Race singles as RPDRUK. We’ve previously celebrated the bops released by the Queens of Canada’s Drag Race, so we thought it was about time we turned our attention to the stars of the UK branch of the Drag Race family – particularly as the news of Series 2’s 2021 debut is announced.

The Vivienne
“Tonight,” “You Spin Me Round”

Series one victor, The Vivienne, documented (or mockumented?) the process leading up to the release of her debut single in her BBC/WoW series The Vivienne Takes On Hollywood. The track Tonight, a raucous electronic party anthem is the perfect showcase for The Vivienne’s powerhouse vocal chops. The Vivienne recently followed this was her take on the iconic Pete Burns and Dead Or Alive’s You Spin Me Round, turning it into a contemporary Hi-NRG anthem perfect for 2020.

Divina De Campo
EP: “Decoded”

The first of the UK cohort to get a full EP released, Divina’s six track set Decoded – also made it onto vinyl (in red and silver packaging of course). The stellar set featured the tongue-in-cheek A Drag Race Song referencing all from yas-gays to playing with her tits. The sublime Gratify served as a magnificent attitude-filled pop anthem, whilst showcasing Divina’s gorgeous vocal abilities. Slinky electronic pop treat Elevate Her, the feel good empowering production of Validation, the nostalgic sugary sweet pop of Pocket Rocket Princess, and sexy glamour of Down With You, made Decoded an essential listen not only for Drag Race fans, but for all pop music aficionados.

Baga Chipz
“When the Sun Goes Down (ft. Saara Aalto)”

We all know she’s stunning, she’s class, she’s sexy and she takes it up the oh, but did we know that Baga was going to collaborate with Finnish Eurovision legend Saara Aalto? Absolutely not, but we are so glad that collaboration game about. The result is When the Sun Does Down, a euphoric banger. Pulsing club beats and Saara’s immaculate vocals were already perfection, but when Baga’s impressive sass-filled musical contributions are added, the track becomes a further glorious pop delight.

Sum Ting Wong

Sum Ting was one of the quickest out the gate with her single Crossfire. The mid-tempo club anthem sings about putting yourself out there for someone who doesn’t reciprocate. “Gonna miss me, I’ve already left, You only feel good, When you make me feel second best,” Sum Ting croons against immaculate electronic production in this emotive debut.

Vinegar Strokes
“Camp”, “Surrender”

Vinegar Strokes fully embraces a sense of fun in her debut track Camp. The RPDR star celebrates the joys of being a camp queen and taking on misogynistic attitudes in the gay community – all to an infectious upbeat dance backing laced with comic adlibs. Vinegar followed this with Surrender which sees the star note: “Let’s get down and party, let’s keep it funky, surrender to the night” purring the chorus of the feel-good dancepop track that celebrates that joyous sensation of letting go and partying.

Scaredy Kat
“Gasoline”, “Nine Lives”, “Bedroom Queen” “Extacy” & More

Scaredy Kat aims for a more alt-pop sound on her releases such as Bedroom Queen – one that encompasses a sense of humour, chipper guitar centric production, and wonderfully accented-British vocals.

As of yet there is no music from the girls’ season one cast-mates Cheryl Hole, Crystal, Blu Hydrangea, and Gothy Kendoll. However, that’s not to rule it out, the versatility of these Queens continues to surprise us. In the meantime there is a plethora of Drag Race alumni releasing music with the Queens flooding our basement and the music market with a variety of tunes from all genres.

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