Introducing the Music of the Queens of Canada’s Drag Race

With every new season of Drag Race whether American or international comes a slew of new drag talent thrust into the global spotlight. As fans of the American series will know, the Queens like to make advantage of this high profile platform, using it as a platform to display their original music. Even Mamma Ru has been known to take advantage of the show as a launchpad for her music dropping numerous albums through the show and ‘seamlessly integrating’ the tracks throughout – most recently EP You’re a Winner, Baby.

With our latest obsession, Canada’s Drag Race currently airing we’ve dipped into some of the Queen’s previous music releases. As the series progresses expect this list to grow, until that time enjoy the music of Rita Baga, Priyanka, and Scarlett BoBo, the Canadian Queens who have already dipped their toes int the musical realm.

Rita Baga
“Fashionista,” “Something Spiritual”

Rita was one of our favourites when she showed off her vocal chops in the rival girl groups challenge. The Montreal star already has two singles to her name: Fashionista and Something Spiritual. Fashionista is a punchy club anthem that plays with the concept of fashion as an exclusive club as Rita calls: “No one ugly allowed!” in the opening. With the manic energy of a John Waters film, Rita soon builds to a club friendly chorus with the drag star’s calm controlled vocals name checking some of the top fashion houses. Something Spiritual, Rita’s 2020 single is a bubbling electronic track with echoes of eighties New Wave with Baga’s moody powerful tones taking us through the impressive alternative pop track.

Scarlett BoBo
Album: #BoBosexuality, Single: “Drop the Money”

With the most expansive discography of all the Canadian Queens, Scarlett BoBo is the only with an album to her name thus far. Titled BoBosexuality the album features sass-filled drag slang aplenty against some industrial production (see Don’t Cum 4 Me), synthy electronic dance (Break My Heart), drag rap (Stand Back), punky drag collaborations (Toss Shade (feat. Quanah Style) and Still Fucking Going (feat. Allysin Chaynes)), nineties inspired club classics (Light My Fire and Tonight). Most recent single Drop the Money is a minimalist electronic track produced with Goddexx. It sees Scarlett deliver sultry vocals over a rippling electronic house beat.

“Say My Name,” “You Look So Good”

Arriving on the music scene with 2018’s Say My Name, Priyanka arrives as a pre-made icon. The R&B tinged anthem as the pre-made star chants “Say my name… Priyanka, Priyanka…” It really does stay with you and asserts that Priyanka is not a name that you should not/will not forget. The Toronto drag star returned with 2019’s You Look So Good – a club friendly anthem that sees a love story turn sour as Priyanka seeks revenge on a former lover as the chorus turns from “You look so good” to “but you’re such a piece of shit.”

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