HRVY Announces Debut Album ‘Can Anybody Hear Me?’ New Track ‘NEVERMIND’

British rising pop talent HRVY has been hard at work releasing singles since 2017 (although he did release standalone single Thank You in 2014 as Harvey Cantwell). Four years on, HRVY announces his debut album will be arriving on the 28th of August. He has also dropped the fresh new track NEVERMIND which you can hear above.

Titled Can Anybody Hear Me? the album contains the singles: Me Because of You, Personal, Told You So, Million Ways, and Hasta Luego. The album is released in standard edition with thirteen tracks – including all those mentioned and a deluxe edition including six extra collaborative tracks such as HRVY’s collabs with Sigala, Jonas Blue and R3HAB. You can see the full tracklist below:

2. Can Anybody Hear Me?
3. Million Ways
5. I Miss Myself (NOTD & HRVY)
6. Personal
7. She Isn’t You
8. Told You So
9. LDN 2 LA
10. I Wish You Were Here
11. That’s How It’s Gonna Be
12. Talk To Ya
13. Don’t Need Your Love (Acoustic)

14. Hasta Luego (HRVY & Malu Trevejo)
15. Somebody (Sigala, HRVY & Nina Nesbitt)
16. Younger (Jonas Blue & HRVY)
17. Be Okay (R3HAB & HRVY)
18. Unfamiliar (Seeb with HRVY & Goodboys)
19. Good Vibes (HRVY & Matoma)

Read the album’s official description here: “The album features latest single ‘Me Because of You’, created alongside Tom Mann (Lewis Capaldi), Peter Hanna (Nick Jonas) and Thomas Eriksen (Ava Max), and the forthcoming ‘Nevermind’ (written by J Hart (Bieber) and Pollack (Lauv), ‘Can Anybody Hear Me?’ illuminates the many elements of HRVY and his musical tastes. While the plaintive acoustic ballad ‘She Isn’t You’ has nods to old school boy bands like N-sync to slow things down, there’s also the undeniable title track, a banger in the vein of Bieber’s ‘Sorry’ that is sure to go down a storm in a live scenario, while ‘Me Because of You’ showcases a musician truly coming into his own, embraced by fans who are experiencing similar growing pains as they transition into adulthood.

You can pre-order the album in various formats from HRVY’s official store.

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