Music: Lonne Gordon's Insane Comeback Single 'Horny'

Lonnie Gordon was one of the biggest dance divas of the nineties with hits like Happenin’ All Over Again, Gonna Catch You and Bad Mood, yet in recent years has not released much. Until now that is, as Gordon is back with a brand new single entitled Horny.

Lonnie knows her key demographic is gay men, and she’s stuck with a relentless Hi-NRG sound for the new track which can only be described as an explosion of dirty camp. We see Lonnie try on a vast number of wigs against a pulsating dancing beat before jumping in a SAAB with some semi-nude young men. Lonnie then gets on poles, in hot-tubs with the aforementioned men and belts out lines like “Now I’m like a cat in heat” and “Let me near front and back, I’m a nymphomaniac.” It’s all very John Waters.

This is nothing short of a camp masterpiece and has reignited our love for Lonnie. Watch the video below, it needs to be seen to believed. You can and should pre-order on iTunes.

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