Carla Bruni Returns With ‘Quelque chose’ (‘Something’)

Carla Bruni returns with her first French-language in seven years ‘Quelque chose’ (‘Something’). The former First Lady has been working throughout lockdown on a new album with her co-writer Michel Amsellem and producer Albin de la Simone.

Quelque chose is Bruni’s first French language musical release since her 2013 album Little French Songs. She followed this in 2017 with English language cover album French Touch in which she put her own spin on classics such as The Rolling Stones’ Miss You and Depeche Mode’s Enjoy the Silence. Bruni’s upcoming album – expected Autumn time – is expected to be French language.

Quelque chose showcases Bruni’s delicate vocals, against rousing guitar and percussion centred production. It is an impressive return to her native language with the singer injecting her natural charisma and unique je ne sais quoi into the track.

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