MARUV and Boosin Release Their Video for ‘I Want You’

MARUV and Boosin released their most recent collaboration I Want You at the start of June and this week drop the video for the sexy, industrial electronic dance anthem. The video sees MARUV and Boosin star in a wonderfully elaborate scene from director Yana Chaplygina which features dance routines, police imagery, glittered pantsuits, and a miniature brass band.

The track shines with its crunching industrial synths, with MARUV’s smooth vocals gliding across the thundering electronic beat. Boosin contributes a confident verse which further takes the energy level of the track shy high.

MARUV and Boosin have previously created some magic with global hit Drunk Groove which featured on their 2018 album Black Water. The duo also collaborated on the incredible Siren Song – a track which should have been the winner of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest – but unfortunately politics got in the way.

Watch the video for I Want You above.

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