Darin Finally Hits UK Spotify! Ten Essential Tracks To Stream

Pop heartthrob Darin’s English language albums have previously been unavailable in some international territories including the UK – despite the star having a large number of fans across the globe. Thankfully we’ve been able to tide ourselves over with his Swedish language albums and videos from YouTube – but our first world struggles are now over with Darin’s back catalogue now being added to Spotify. Sadly the only exception is Darin’s Flashback album from 2008 – presumably as this was released through Epic Records.

To celebrate we have compiled a list of essential tracks from the Swedish pop star below – centred on his English language releases.

Money for Nothing
Album: The Anthem

Darin emerged onto the music scene with his debut single – co-written by Robyn no less – landing at #1. This showed that the former Idol star was here to stay – an artist carving out a long term career. Money for Nothing is a slick R&B pop anthem – although it is unlikely you would call anything about the video slick if you watch the below video.

Step Up
Album: Darin

This gem from Darin’s second album was his second #1 single – it is a raucous pop track that transports your to the mid noughties pop scene. Darin’s vocal delivery is filled with high energy attitude and RedOne’s production produces an immediate sense of nostalgia.

Album: Darin

Another from Darin’s second album, album track Laura is a bouncing pop number and another RedOne production. The romantic lyrics and Darin’s range on the track help ensure it still sounds current fifteen years since its original release.

Album: Break the News

Darin had a bit of a glow-up by his third album Break the News – coincidentally his first to gain release outside Sweden. The album saw him veer away from his traditional R&B sound, delving more into europop. Perfect is a great encapsulation of this change in sound that blended slick pop production with the type of vocal attitude you would expect from a US boyband.

Breathing Your Love
Album: Flashback

Unfortunately still not on Spotify, Breathing Your Love from Darin’s fourth album Flashback in which all but one of the tracks were co-written by Darin. Packed with RedOne productions, and sticking to the European pop stylings of his previous album, Flashback was lead by single Breathing Your Love featuring Kat DeLuna. The club-ready anthem was a #2 hit in Sweden.

Album: Lovekiller

Darin’s 2010 album Lovekiller saw him strike up a deal with new record label Universal and unusually launch the campaign of a cover version of Coldplay’s Viva La Vida. The album also contained Can’t Stop Love – a track written for the royal wedding of Princess Victoria. However our standout of the set is the title track – an anthemic pop single showcasing Darin’s impressive vocal range set to rousing production from Tony Nilsson and Darin himself.

You’re Out of My Life
Album: Lovekiller

You’re Out of My Life marked Darin’s first and so far, only, entry for Melfest which made it to fourth place in the final. The mid-tempo Arnthor Birgisson was beaten by This Is My Life by Anna Bergendahl which ultimately did not qualify. The track was impressive in showing a softer side to Darin and this is an enjoyably heartfelt number.

Album: Lovekiller

Microphone is a love-letter to performing and Darin’s career as a pop star. It’s a stadium-ready anthem with lyrics that have an immediate sing-a-long quality as Darin croons “Hit the lights, start the show, hear my first note in the microphone.” This is another co-production from Tony Nilsson and Darin.

Playing With Fire
Album: Exit

Darin’s sixth studio album Exit – and his most recent full English language release dates back to 2013. Reuniting with RedOne and Tony Nilsson, Exit was filled with club-ready tracks including Playing With Fire. This dance anthem was the second single from the album – it’s a sexy, synth-laden treat where Darin’s charisma oozes.

Check You Out
Album: Exit

Another cracking synth-infused dance anthem from Darin, Check You Out was the third and final single and his most recent solo track in the English language.

We should also note that Darin’s Swedish albums are incredible – so your listening to the singer shouldn’t stop at solely his English language material.