Ruston Kelly Announces ‘Shape & Destroy’ Album, Drops New Track ‘Rubber’

Country singer-songwriter Ruston Kelly has announced the details of his upcoming album Shape & Destroy arriving August 28th. The album announcement also arrives with new track Rubber and emotive accompanying video.

The thirteen track album also includes previous release Brave which can be streamed below. You can see the remainder of the tracks below:

1. In The Blue
2. Radio Cloud
3. Alive
4. Changes
5. Mid-Morning Lament
6. Brave
7. Clean
8. Rubber
9. Jubilee
10. Closest Thing
11. Pressure
12. Under The Sun
13. Hallelujah Anyway

The creation of the album has been a learning curve for Ruston with the singer noting: “Making this record definitely taught me that I don’t want to be selfish: I want to channel something larger than myself and give myself to the process as fully as possible, because these songs also become the story of whoever hears them. Whatever someone might get out of listening to this record and hearing me express myself in this way, it’s completely theirs.” The album has seen the singer and regular producer Jarrad K tackle challenging concepts such as Ruston’s journey through maintaining his sobriety.

Shape & Destroy follows the singer’s debut full length album Dying Star which was released in 2018. Ruston has since dropped eight track EP Dirt Emo Vol. 1

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