Music: Amanda Lear’s Fabulous New Album ‘My Happiness’

We have known that Amanda Lear was on course to release an Elvis Presley cover album at some point this year, but had not heard much about the project in recent months. To our shame, after a quick Google search tonight we found out that the French supermodel-singer had actually released the album back in March.

Titled My Happiness (I Love Elvis), the album takes on several of the King’s classic hits from Suspicious Minds to (You’re the) Devil In Disguise. Whilst we naturally prefer Amanda’s camper dance records, My Happiness is an undeniably joyful listen. Tracks like the jaunty Viva Las Vegas and a tender rendition of Can’t Help Falling in Love remind us that Amanda’s silky vocals can seduce us within any genre of music.

This is a gorgeous listen that you can buy on both Amazon and iTunes

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