Eurovision 2020 Acts That Deserve To Represent in 2021

Firstly, we should state that we are of the opinion that every act selected for the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest should have had the chance to represent their nation in 2021. It is nice to see so many European broadcasters taking that stance, with eighteen 2020 participants already confirmed for the next contest. However, not all countries will be following that approach – for example, numerous Scandinavian nations have confirmed that their highly publicised selection festivals will be continuing such as Sweden’s Melfest and Norway’s MGP – and new acts will be selected.

We have selected some of the acts that we would absolutely love to see have the chance to shine in 2021.

Uku Suviste

Uku sailed through the Estonian national finals Eesti Laul with his emotive power ballad What Love Is – a distinctive anthem with a musical theatre flavour. The singer, who has released a steady mix of Estonian language and English pop tracks since debuting in 2005, was confirmed not to be internally selected by broadcaster Eesti Rahvusringhääling. He has been welcomed to compete again in the 2021 national selection, which he intends to do.


Serbian girlgroup Hurricane truly delivered with their high energy 2020 entry Hasta La Vista. Whilst Serbian broadcaster Radio Television of Serbia has yet to comment on Hurricane’s return, we do think that they are truly deserving of reselection. As the only girlgroup in the contest in 2020, they would have been sure to stand out, as they have already produced fantastically entertaining things with their raucous pop anthem Hasta La Vista.

Tom Leeb

The beautiful Frenchman’s track The Best In Me may not have been a firm fan favourite – despite our regular fanatical raving about it – which is all the more reason for national broadcaster France2 to reselect the talented Tom Leeb. With a new song, the singer could return to shift these opinions and prove that a song blending French and English could do well.


Rumours began circulating late last week that Cypriot broadcaster CyBC had decided not to send Sandro to Eurovision 2021 – and whilst these reports are unconfirmed as of yet (and hopefully untrue) – we can’t help but think that it would be a missed opportunity to not send Sandro. The singer brought a very contemporary club anthem to the Contest with Running – and we would be excited at thought of what he returns with.


Norway’s Ulrikke sailed through the country’s Melodi Grand Prix and quickly became a fan favourite in 2020. Whilst Norway will be going ahead with MGP 2021 to find a new act, we can’t help but feel for the singer. Her track Attention was not one of our particular favourites but it nonetheless managed to touch the hearts of fans around Europe – it therefore seems unjust that Ulrikke should go from potential champ to non-participant.

The Roop

Like Norway’s Ulrikke, The Roop were another firm favourite among bookies and fans (the same can be said for Iceland’s Daði og Gagnamagnið) and were likely to Lithuania’s best shot at winning Eurovision since 2006’s sixth place entry We Are the Winners. On Fire is a much better song than Lithuania’s sixth-placing novelty hit – and the tragic lost Eurovision winning potential is an undeniably sad thing.

Athena Manoukian

Armenia’s Chains On You was one of the most side-slapping bops of the contest and the thought of how she could top this has us incredibly excited. Yet Athena has not been confirmed just yet and we’re praying the Greek pop star returns to represent Armenia.

Ben Dolic

Another firm fan favourite was Ben Dolic who was set to represent Germany. Although Ben looks like he’d be more at home in Junior Eurovision, the twenty-three year old Slovenian singer, brought one of the best songs of the 2020 Contest, Violent Thing, so we can’t wait to see what he would return with.

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