Now United Want To ‘Let The Music Move You’

Now United is a curious project and one with an impressive global scope. The international mixed gender pop group has been steadily releasing tracks since 2017 under the management of Simon Fuller. With fifteen members (it is probably more of a pop collective than a group) originating from the UK, Russia, South Korea, Germany, Canada, the Phillipines, USA, Brazil, and India to name but a few, Now United have ramped up quite the impressive discography. Their latest track Let the Music Move You has just hit streaming services.

The smooth pop anthem blends its male and female vocalists vocals for a mid-tempo number which sees the group sing “All night let the music move you till the daylight, keep on dancing because you know it feels right.” It’s a fun pop anthem that doesn’t attempt to reinvent the wheel, but it’s an enjoyable track that utilises its eclectic selection of singers well.

Now United haven’t had a chart smash in the US or UK yet, but with their impressive work ethic and fruitful releases they rack up an impressive one million Spotify streams a month. Their previous 2020 releases include: Dana Dana, Better, By My Side, Wake Up, Come Together, Live This Moment, and Let Me Be The One.