Cabaret Icon Bernie Dieter Releases Lockdown Anthem ‘Weirdo In Isolation’

Cabaret icon Bernie Dieter – a regular favourite as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe has been putting her time to good use during the COVID-19 pandemic by doing what she does best – crafting wonderfully humorous cabaret pop tunes.

The result is the incredibly witty Weirdo In Isolation which has been released in a special club friendly Eurovision edition. Opening with Bernie’s highly accented vocals musing on the current situation against an undercurrent of rippling synths, production rouses to transform into a slinky dance number that tackles some of the amusing activities us weirdos have been doing to keep us busy during lockdown.

With quick-wit by the bucketload in lines like “It seems like a long time ago now, I was working, I had emails to compose, now I’ve got an empty inbox so I started to learn Spanish and I’m wearing my Mum’s clothes,” “It seems like a long time ago now, I was working in the zoo, I studied the slow loris, now I’ve done so much YouTube yoga, I put my head between my legs and I can lick my own clitoris,” the track is massively fun and original – and fair play to Bernie as we reckon this is the first song in history to rhyme slow loris and clitoris.

Weirdo In Isolation is written by Bernie Dieter and Tom Velvick and was supported by the Covid-19 arts grants City of Melbourne – What’s On Melbourne.

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