The Trailer for ‘Welcome to Chechnya’ Sheds Light on Harrowing Atrocities

David France brings us Welcome to Chechnya, the Sundance hit which sheds light on the harrowing treatment of LGBTQ people in the closed Russian republic of Chechnya. The torture, persecution, and murder of LGBTQ people throughout the republic – particular gay and bisexual men – has grown increasing prominent since March 2017 with continuous violent crackdowns being launched. The full synopsis of the documentary follows:

“From Academy Award-nominated director David France (How to Survive a Plague, The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson) comes Welcome to Chechnya, a powerful and eye-opening documentary about a group of activists risking their lives to confront the ongoing anti-LGBTQ persecution in the repressive and closed Russian republic of Chechnya. With unfettered access and a commitment to protecting anonymity, this documentary exposes Chehnya’s underreported atrocities while highlighting a group of people who are confronting brutality head-on. The film follows these LGBTQ activists as they work undercover to rescue victims and provide them with safe houses and visa assistance to escape persecution.”

Watch the trailer above. Welcome to Chechnya premieres June 30th on HBO.

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