Denis Rekonvald Releases ‘Самолет’ (‘Plane’)

We were massive fans of Kyiv based artist Denis Rekonvald’s Russian language bop, Alter Ego which was dropped late 2019. The slinky European track showcased Denis as an artist to watch out for – something which continues with his follow-up to the track, ‘Самолет’ (Or in English ‘Plane’).

Denis notes: “I wanted to make this track special and familiar. The very idea came on the eve of the situation in the world, when I was returning home from Paris, and finalized the quarantined track and decided to release it now. It seems to me that this is the perfect track for today’s situation.”

The handsome singer adds: “This track is about a girl who flies away to a place where she once felt love. There, where she would like to spend her whole life next to him.” Obviously these themes are massively relatable in the current global situation which has affected citizens from around the global and undoubtedly changed the future of the way we travel for lifetimes.

Musically the track is a sexy electronic pop track with a somewhat melancholic vibe pulsating through Denis’ vocals.

You can connect with Denis below:
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