British Synthpop Duo Hurts Unveil Their Brand New Single ‘Voices’ Where Isolation, Desperation and Mania Are on the Menu

British synthpop duo Hurts have spent the week teasing their upcoming new single Voices which has dropped this weekend. The track, their first musical release since 2017’s lighter pop fare Desire sees them veer slightly further back to their pop-noir roots.

Vocalist Theo Hutchcraft notes Voices is inspired by “isolation, desperation and mania” and thematically the song taps into similar territory to albums Happiness and Exodus. Infusing the track with musical influences from around the globe – most notably a Spanish sounding guitar opening, the track paves way for Kraftwerk inspired synths as it progresses – Voices is one of the band’s most interesting sonic productions shining through Adam Anderson’s craftsmanship.

After a few listens we are truly sold on the track – an unashamedly paranoid synth anthem that isn’t afraid to veer into uncomfortable lyrical territory. More news on Hurts’ fifth album as it comes. Stream Voices above.