Music: Hurts Tease Comeback With Mysterious New Video

British synthpop duo Hurts have been somewhat quiet since the release of their fourth album Desire in 2017 – however, this silence comes to an end with the news of their latest single (thought to be titled Voices) and expected fifth studio album (thought to be titled Paper Aeroplanes).

Hurts burst onto the British music scene with their 2010 album Happiness – featuring icy synthpop classics Wonderful Life, Better than Love and Devotion featuring Her Holiness Kylie Minogue. They followed this with the slightly too dark Exile in 2013. The mood lightened in 2015 with Surrender – a slightly warmer synthpop experience, before heading towards more mainstream pop sounds with its 2017 follow up Desire.

Whilst the teaser suggests that Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson will be heading in a slightly darker direction than their previous two albums – we’re incredibly intrigued by the international vibe of the teaser which dips into Georgian and Chinese language, brooding with Cold War aesthetics. Colour us intrigued. Watch the teaser above.