Music: The Irrepressibles Debut ‘Let Go’, Announce LP ‘Superheroes’

Jamie Irrepressible returns under his creative guise of The Irrepressibles with his third album Superheroes coming on June 26th. Inspired by the electronic sounds of Berlin and classic progressive rock, the first taste of the album comes in the form of Let Go (Everybody Move Your Body Listen To Your Heart).

The official description of the album notes: “Titled Superheroes the new sonic work takes cues from the Prog, Kraut-Rock and Electronica movements which influenced him during his time recently living in Berlin, as well as in his teenage years. Superheroes is a fantasy concept album about the boy within us that always remains, learns to heal, and eventually falls in love. The album tells the story of a poignant and heroic homosexual love.”

The Irrepressibles shined in the past by highlighting queer stories and the realities of gay existence in the form of visual and musical arts. With evocative music videos and a truly eclectic sound, this project from Jamie Irrepressible is a welcome, necessary force.

You can pre-order the album here.

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