Music: Keiino and Electric Fields Release ‘Would I Lie’

Keiino continue their sizzling hot streak of releasing all out Eurobangers – but this time are joined by Australian duo Electric Fields on new track Would I Lie.

The track blends Keiino’s Sami influences with Aboriginal musicianship to create a unique global blend of pop. The track continues to promote both group’s environmental message with lines like ‘Time is running out’ and ‘I believed but it’s all gone’ tapping into the endangered state of the planet.

Both acts are no stranger to the Eurovision scene: Keiino were the public vote winners in 2019 with Spirit in the Sky; Electric Fields were highly regarded runners up of the Eurovision – Australia Decides 2019 with their track 2000 and Whatever.

Keiino’s debut studio album is expected to be released in May and is likely to feature some of their post-ESC tracks including the recently released Black Leather.

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