Music: Bright Light Bright Light Debuts ‘This Was My House’ Feat. Niki Haris, Donna De Lory & Initial Talk

Rod Thomas aka Bright Light Bright Light gives us the first taste of his fourth studio album with new single ‘This Was My House.’ The Welsh musician has been making fantastic pop music under the Bright Light Bright Light name for over a decade and for his latest track recruits the talents of pop royalty Niki and Donna – most well known for their work as Madonna’s long-serving backing vocalists. If two iconic vocalists weren’t enough, the track also features the talents of producer Initial Talk .

This Was My House leads Thomas’s new album Fun City which he tells Paper Magazine is a “a love letter to the LGTBQ+ community, celebrating its history and present.” This is something apparent in the classic club sound of the new track which has a late eighties, early nineties dance groove powering through it.

This Was My House is a reference to the decline of LGBT safe spaces and the lack of community hotspots – something made a further challenge through the current coronavirus pandemic. The track is a reminder of the impact and positivity that a dance anthem can pack.

We’ll have more details regarding Fun City as they emerge. Meanwhile stream This Was My House Above.

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