Music: Daphne Guinness Unleashes ‘Revelations’ Short Film and New Track ‘Deviant Disco’ Ahead of Third Album

We previously featured Daphne Guinness’s stellar single Hallucinations – a steely piece of luscious theatrical glam-pop. It has now been set to a three-part short film from iconic pop artist David LaChapelle, which you can watch below. The singer has also debuted new track Deviant Disco ahead of the release of her third album Revelations – due out May 22nd.

With an eerie timeliness in the apocalyptic first video, the collaboration with LaChappelle, sees a mysterious figure witness humanity at its worst in an end of days type scenario. The Under the Skin style short film gives Guinness’s single Hallucinations a further poetic resonance.

Freshly released track Deviant Disco soundtracks the looping second part of Guinness and LaChappelle’s Revelations short films. The edgy theatrical dance track shines in the VCR style surveillance effects of the clip, which continues with the apocalyptic tone of its predecessor. It sees Guinness’s figure return, this time crashing her car and visiting an eerie suburban home leaving a trail of residential wreckage.

An instrumental soundtracks the final part of the visual trilogy which sees crowds and media gathered to worship Guinness’s deity figure against a backdrop of kitsch American capitalism as the prophetic horrors of the Book of Revelations unfold across the world.

Deviant Disco was recorded at Paris’ Les Studio Saint Germain with a line-up featuring members from Go-Kart Mozart, Air and Beck’s bands. Regarding the concept of the Deviant Disco, the singer notes: “It’s the nightclub of my imagination…. The Deviant Disco is that place we can go to in our minds when we’re lost in music…”.

Guinness’s third album Revelations is said to sonically channel ‘nonchalant grooves of mid 70’s Gainsbourg, sprinkled with the dance floor decadence of Studio 54.’ Now if that’s not enticing then we don’t know what is.

Revelations is available from May 22nd. It is produced by Tony Visconti. You can watch the short films below.

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