Featured: Richard Cheese Raises Awareness of World Hepatitis Day 2014 with Think Again

Comic lounge artist Richard Cheese has teamed up with Dutch puppeteer Lejo to tackle an incredibly serious cause – raising awareness of the world’s 8th biggest global killer: hepatitis.

In a bid to raise awareness of the upcoming World Hepatitis Day 2014 – which takes place on Monday 28th July, Cheese sings ‘Think Again‘ – a catchy lounge number with a truly important message. The video details the causes, prevention and treatment of hepatitis in an accessible fashion.

World Hepatitis Day is one of incredibly few official disease specific world health days recognised by the World Health Organisation and was set up to raise awareness of this preventable global killer.

Think Again is quickly racking up to be a viral hit with a quarter of a million Youtube hits – and quite rightly so, this is a great cause and anything that draws attention to the importance of World Hepatitis Day is surely a good thing.

Get involved on social media with #THINKHEPATITIS and make sure to share the Think Again video for World Hepatitis Day.

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