Music: Martine McCutcheon Returns With 'Say I'm Not Alone', New Album

Martine McCutcheon: Film star, pop icon and most importantly, Liza Minnelli's bridesmaid, was a staple of our nineties/noughties childhoods. After releasing three successful albums between 1999 and 2002, Martine's subsequent absence from the music industry has been the world's loss! However, life gets slightly better with the release of Say I'm Not Alone - the singer's first single in sixteen years.

The Perfect Moment hitmaker will release her long-awaited fourth album, Lost and Found, this August. If its first single is a good indication of its sound, then the album will be Martine's most mature and artistically ambitious.

Listen to Say I'm Not Alone now. Lost and Found is out on the 11th of August. Welcome back Martine!

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