Music: Barbra Streisand Unveils All-Star Duets Album 'Encore: Movie Partners Sing Broadway'

It's a wonderful premise: Queen of all realms, Barbra Streisand teaming up with a host of movie stars to record a bevvy of classic duets. When the project was announced the possibilities of team-ups were endless: Bette Midler? Liza? Cher? Meryl? The result, erm... far less exciting and dare we say, far more weird. The new album,  Encore: Movie Partners Sing Broadway isn't giving us the diva-fabulousness we craved, instead it carries on with Babs' recent preference for male duet partners.

Amongst Babs' collaborators are Antonio Banderas, Jamie Foxx, Patrick Wilson, Alec Baldwin and Seth Macfarlane. Not quite, the line-up we had hoped - but there are glimmers of hope in the addition of Chris Pine.

  1. At the Ballet by Barbra Streisand with Anne Hathaway and Daisy Ridley
  2. Loving You by Barbra Streisand with Patrick Wilson
  3. Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me) by Barbra Streisand with Anthony Newley
  4. The Best Thing That Ever Has Happened byBarbra Streisand with Alec Baldwin
  5. Anything You Can Do by Barbra Streisand with Melissa McCarthy
  6. Any Moment Now by Barbra Streisand with Hugh Jackman
  7. Pure Imagination by Barbra Streisand with Seth MacFarlane
  8. Take Me to the World by Barbra Streisand with Antonio Banderas
  9. I'll Be Seeing You / I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face by Barbra Streisand;Barbra Streisand with Chris Pine
  10. Climb Ev'ry Mountain by Barbra Streisand with Jamie Foxx

Encore is released August 26. Hopefully Babs is saving the diva collection for her next release. Listen to At the Ballet below.

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