Trailer: Depardieu & Hupper in the 'Valley of Love'

We were losing hope that we ever going to see Valley of Love but the release of a brand new trailer for Guillaume Nicloux's French-US drama has given us some hope. Gerard Depardieu and Isabelle Huppert lead this emotional drama about two exes reconnecting over the suicide of their son.

Isabelle and Gérard go to a strange appointment in Death Valley, California. They have not seen each other for years and are here to answer to an invitation from their son Michael, a photographer, which they received after his suicide, six months ago.

There is a dreamlike tone to the trailer for Valley of Love and this paired with a sun-baked road movie narrative has us pretty excited - not to mention the casting of Huppert and Depardieu. 

There is no set UK release for the project yet.

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