Music: Gwen Stefani Reveals Details of New Album 'This Is What the Truth Feels Like'

It might seem like a dream, but Gwen Stefani is finally releasing her third studio album after a ten year wait. The No Doubt singer previously released The Sweet Escape in 2006, a so-so follow up to her previous pop masterpiece Love. Angel. Music. Baby. We're hoping new album This Is What The Truth Feels Like is more like her debut.

Preceded by the single Used To Love You, Stefani's third album hits shelves on March 18th and will be released in standard and Target exclusive formats in the US. The Target exclusive tracks are likely to be standard bonus edition tracks in the UK if previous releases are to be believed. Check out the full set below:

1. Misery
2. You’re My Favourite
3. Where Would I Be
4. Make Me Like You
5. Truth
6. Used To Love You
7. Send Me A Picture
8. Red Flag
9. Asking For It
10. Naughty
11. Me Without You
12. Rare
13. Rocket Ship (Target exclusive)
14. Getting Warmer (Target exclusive)
15. Obsessed (Target exclusive)
16. Splash (Target exclusive)

Listen to new single Make Me Like You below. 

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