Watch: David Bowie's Eerie 'Lazarus' Video

When you emerge from this wardrobe you're not going to be in Narnia, but instead David Bowie's creepy hospital room. As the singer prepares to release new album ★ (or Blackstar) tomorrow, he's released the video for second single Lazarus.

Boasting a more esoteric sound to 2013's The Next Day,  ★ has been met with a barrage of five star reviews admiring the jazz-rock fusion sound. If Lazarus and the album's title track are anything to go by, tomorrow's release will be another classic.

However, the best promo DB is likely to get at the moment is the world's reintroduction to his first wife, Angie Bowie, who is now a Celebrity Big Brother contestant. Let's all not forget Angie's iconic contribution to the pop world. What a tune.

Check out the eerie video featuring a gyrating Bowie below. Pick up ★ from tomorrow. We've copied in our favourite two seconds after the video. Yaaaas queen.

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