Enya's 'Echoes in Rain', New Album Details

Celtic pop goddess Enya has blessed the world with a brand new single this week - and it's worth the wait. The Orinoco Flow singer's new single, Echoes in Rain, taps into her unparalleled sound and has us brimming with excitement about her new album.

Dark Sky Island will be the singer's eighth album and hits retailers on November 20th. If the cover art is anything to go by, this will be a triumphant slice of moody folk-pop. If the other tracks are half as spectacular as Echoes in the Rain we'll have done ok.

See the full tracklist below:
  1. The Humming…
  2. So I Could Find My Way
  3. Even In the Shadows
  4. The Forge of Angels
  5. Echoes In Rain
  6. I Could Never Say Goodbye
  7. Dark Sky Island
  8. Sancta Maria
  9. Astra et luna
  10. The Loxian Gate
  11. Diamonds On the Water
 Deluxe Edition 
  1. Solace
  2. Pale Blue Grass
  3. Remember Your Smile

Listen to Echoes in Rain and bow before Enya's majesty.

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