Shameless Idol Worship: Nick Jonas Gets Physical in 'Scream Queens'

Scream Queens is both Ryan Murphy's gift and curse to the gays. On one hand, it's lead by badass Jamie Lee Curtis, a plethora of handsome men (Glen Powell, Nick Jonas, Diego Boneta, Oliver Hudson, etc.), and features some fun music choices - ie. Frida's I Know There's Something Going On. But on the other hand, it's relying far too much on Emma Roberts' reverting back her AHS Coven persona; it's neither particularly funny, nor scary; and it's directed as if a five year old with ADHD is behind the camera.

Whether you're a fan of Mr. Murphy and Brad Falchuk's new project or not, we can all agree that Nick Jonas's home-erotic workout scene from Episode 2 was magnificent. See below. Oh, and also, if it wasn't camp enough - All About Strength have chucked on Kylie's Your Body to gay it up a little more.

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