Shameless Idol Worship: Ryan Phillippe

We're not into plugging shameless celebrity gossip/photos here, but when it concerns a member of the Culture Fix Holy Trinity (Scott Eastwood, Ryan Phillippe & Stephen Dorff), we will quite happily break that rule. We recently were reminded that God exists after we were blessed with these recent beach snaps of Mr. Phillippe.

The forty-year old Secrets & Lies and Catch Hell star provides the most valuable public service to both gay men and heterosexual women, aiding our shameless quest for Idol Worship.

For our recent Ryan coverage see the following links:
- Catch Hell Review
- 54: The Director's Cut Review
- The 30 Hottest Horror Stars

All credit goes to the Daily Mail, respective photographers, and Ryan.

We quite like the Shameless Idol Worship tag so this might become a regular thing.

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