Music: Ricky Martin Releases New Single, Unveils Album Tracklist & Cover Art

After debuting fast-paced Latin pop track Adios late last year, Ricky Martin has given us a further taster of his new album, A Quien Quiera Escuchar, in the form of second single, Disparo Al Corazon.

The sultry ballad slows the pace down a little from Adios, but Martin still sounds great on this emotive little number. The singer also revealed the full track-list and album art for the project, which you can see below:

A Quien Quiera Escuchar
1. Adiós
2. Disparo el corazón
3. Isla bella
4. Perdóname
5. Náufrago
6. La mordidita
7. Cuanto me acuerdo de ti
8. Mátame otra vez
9. Nada
10. A quien quiera escuchar

Deluxe Tracks
11. Mátame otra vez (Acoustic)
12. Náufrago (Acoustic)
13. Nada (Acoustic)

It is not clear if Martin will be releasing an English language version of the album.

A Quien Quiera Escuchar hits US shelves on February 10th. International dates to follow. Cover images below the video.

Deluxe Cover

Standard Cover

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