TV Trailer: The Comeback

Hello, hello, hello. Lisa Kudrow's cult-comic creation Valerie Cherish will be back on our screens in less than three weeks - and judging by the debut trailer for the series return of The Comeback, it looks like Val is going to be on top form

Picking up nine years after we left Valerie, Season 2 sees the actress/reality television sensation cast in a new HBO series which follows a producer being driven insane by an ageing sitcom star.

We are not exaggerating when we say that the original The Comeback is one of the greatest television series ever produced - and HBO resurrecting the show is a wonderful gift to the show's ever growing fanbase (Enlightened next guys?). Seeing Val and Mickey back in action is giving us both chills and laughs already.

The Comeback returns on November 9th at 10PM on HBO.
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