Trailer: Steven Seagal, Vinnie Jones in Absolution

He's back everyone. Yes, everyone's favourite Putin-befriender and alleged sex-slave captor, Steven Seagal, returns with future DTV classic Absolution.

Seagal Italia tells us: "When an ex-operative is recruited by his old boss to assassinate an Afghan drug dealer, he begins to suspect a link between a drug smuggling operation, a sex trafficking ring and the US Government."

We're not going to lie, seeing Seagal taking down generic goons and referring to them as "bitch" gives us some real cheap thrills. The action star's latest release A Good Man also provided us with one of cinematic highlights of the year: seeing the portly tough guy keeping his leather jacket on for a sex scene - so if anything in Absolution makes us laugh like that did, then we will be perfectly happy.

Fellow straight to DVD icon Vinnie Jones co-stars (obviously), alongside Byron Mann. No release information for Absolution as of yet - but we will keep you posted.

Photo: Steven Seagal Net
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