Music: Paris Hilton Unveils Incredible 'Come Alive' Video

People often forget that Paris Hilton is a legitimately amazing pop star. It may seem like a while since her all killer no filler debut album Paris back in 2006, but Ms. Hilton is giving the pop career another go - and we are delighted. The multi-talented heiress is back with Come Alive, the second single from her upcoming sophomore album

For lovers of kitsch the infectious dance track's video is a little slice of heaven. Opening with a white-dressed Paris running through sun-stroked fields, Come Alive goes on to showcase the singer lying on purple clouds, wearing diamond-encrusted angel wings, swinging on flower seats, and hanging with a unicorn in a rainbow filled field - all filmed with a wonderfully garish brightness.

You can (and should) buy Come Alive on iTunes (now).

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