Trailer: Leprechaun: Origins

Anyone that has seen any of the heavily-comic Warwick Davis Leprechaun films will know that they can scarcely be classed as horror films. As is the trend in this age, Leprechaun has been rebooted and been taken down a darker route than its previous outings for Leprechaun: Origins. 

Sadly this means no Warwick Davis, the man who was the saving grace of the later Leprechaun films (Back 2 Da Hood, I'm looking at you). Instead the charismatic Mr. Davis has been switched for WWE favourite, Hornswoggle (no, me neither).

Produced by WWE Films, Leprechaun Origins follows two young backpacking couples who stumble across the Leprechaun in rural Ireland. It hits VOD on August 26, followed by a home video release on September 30. No UK release as of yet.

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