Trailer: George Takei Biopic 'To Be Takei'

Few people in the entertainment industry are as deserving of a biopic than the legendary George Takei - and that's exactly what we're getting in To Be Takei. A portrait of a man so loveable that he makes Mother Theresa look like Satan.

To Be Takei is a hilarious and moving look at legendary actor, activist and pop culture icon George Takei, who has conquered new frontiers from outer space to Capitol Hill with his trademark grin. Oh, my!

Director Jennifer M. Kroot looks set to explore the lighter, loveable side of George, whilst also detailing his personal struggles from growing up in American internment camps to dealing with his sexuality at the height of his fame.

We can't wait to find out more about George's back-story, but we'll have to hold tight until August 22 when To Be Takei hits screens.
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