Sponsored Post: Emerge Put Your Face In Space

Have you ever wanted to go into space? Well here is your chance. 

You could join the likes of Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong and Yuri Gagaran and venture into the beyond above the clouds. Well, sort of.

Emerge obviously don't have the budgets of NASA and the world's biggest space programmes - but they have provided a neat alternative. Emerge are offering fans the chance to get their face in space (#YourFaceInSpace - get it?).

Check out their latest video below where you can see a chilled chap ascending into space listening to ‘The Joker’ by The Steve Miller Band. That free-floater could be you, so what are you waiting for? Get #YourFaceInSpace.

Simply visit their app, upload a selfie and the winning face will be sent on your own mini space odyssey for the world to see. We all know astronaut jobs aren't the easiest to get so we reckon this is a great compromise.

Tweet along with the hashtag #YourFaceInSpace 

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