Music: Jordan Knight & Nick Carter Unveil New Joint Single, Album, Tour Details

There is nothing in the music world that we hate more than established pop acts simply cashing in on greatest hits - as a fan you should want to hear the artist progress musically, no? Fortunately two groups that have never rested on their laurels are New Kids on the Block and The Backstreet Boys, with both groups unleashing new studio releases last year.

Taking this fresh approach to new music EVEN further - BSB's Nick Carter and NKOTB's Jordan Knight have collaborated on a studio album together scheduled for release in September, as well as announcing a slew of US tour dates. 

The first cut from the album titled Just the Two Us (which is available from the pair's website as a free download when preordering the album) has set things of too a promising start and given us a taster of what sort of sound to expect. The two pop stars told GMA that "We're almost pretty much done with the album, It's a bunch of our pop, rock, R&B and urban. It's all mixed together to create Nick & Knight." 

You can hear Nick and Jordan discuss the project's inception on The Wendy William's Show. You can see full tour-dates here

Nick & Knight is available on September 2. You can hear Just the Two of Us below.

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