The Rising Film Stars of 2014

Every year we like to look at some of the young stars that have caught our attention, and that we think are destined for big things. So without delay here are some of the performers that we're likely to be seeing a lot of in the next few years.

Chadwick Boseman

Chadwick Boseman has been grafting for ten years in the world of television with roles in the likes of Person Unknown and Justified, but it was US baseball drama, 42, that brought him to our attention. Boseman starred as Jackie Robinson, in this tale of racism in the baseball world. The actor's sublime performance resulted in his casting in sports film, Draft Day, and taking the coveted lead role in James Brown biopic, Get On Up.

Gabriella Wilde

Whilst Kimberly Pierce's Carrie remake was little more than ok, it did introduce us to the excellent Gabriella Wilde. Wilde starred as Sue Snell, a bully who attempts to turn things round by arranging that Carrie goes to prom with her handsome boyfriend, Billy Nolan. Wilde has since scored roles in indie drama, Squatters, and the lead in Alex Pettyfer romance, Endless Love.

Nolan Funk
The Canyons

A bit like Boseman, Nolan Funk has been working since 2001 with roles in Glee and Awkward, but the young actor made a strong impact in the film world with several substantial roles this year alone. Funk impressed in Stephen Moyer horror, Evidence, and Vin Diesel sequel, Riddick, but it was his supporting role in The Canyons that truly stole our hearts. Funk starred as a young actor looking to make it in the seedy world of Hollywood - in what seems like an all too true story.

Sharni Vinson
You're Next

Excelling as one of 2013's finest kick-ass horror heroines, Home and Away star, Sharni Vinson, completely stole genre flick, You're Next. Vinson starred as part of a wealthy family who are attacked and terrorised at a family reunion. Vinson has scored a substantial role in upcoming 'Female Expendables' project from Adi Shankar, as well as a role in upcoming Charles Dance horror, Patrick.

Jamie Blackley

Jamie Blackley was one of the most prominent actors at this years Edinburgh International Film Festivals, starring in two releases - We Are the Freaks and uwantme2killhim. The latter was the superior of the two and followed a young teen who is manipulated to commit a terrible crime through an online chatroom. Blackley's energetic performance was one of the key elements of the film's success, with the young actor subsequently being cast in upcoming dramas, Kids in Love and If I Stay.

AnnaSophia Robb
The Way Way Back

AnnaSohia Robb has been a prominent child actress since 2004 and has such credits as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Race To Witch Mountain to her name. However, this year saw her make the transition from child star to talented young actress - with a scene-stealing role in quirky coming-of-age drama, The Way Way Back. Robb has also been starring in the title role of Sex and the City prequel, The Carrie Diaries and will be returning to the big screen in thriller, A Conspiracy on Jekyll Island.

DJ Cotrona
G.I Joe: Retaliation

We can't say we were the biggest fans of G.I. Joe: Retaliation, although we were completely swept away by actor, DJ Cotrona. The 33-year old performer convincingly showed his action star credentials, so much so that he will take the lead role in the television follow-up of Robert Rodriguez's From Dusk Till Dawn. It's a given that film roles are likely to start pouring in after the show debuts.

Lupita Nyong'o
12 Years a Slave

12 Years a Slave serves as Mexican-Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong'o's first major screen role - with the young star certainly starting her cinematic career off with a bang. Nyong'o's performance has been described as the 'emotional heart' of Steve McQueen's upcoming feature. High praise indeed! Nyong'o will also star in Liam Neeson thriller, Non-Stop in 2014.
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