New Trailer: Kellan Lutz in Hercules: The Legend Begins

There's a war coming. A war between two feuding Hercules films. In one corner we have the might of Dwayne Johnson in Brett Ratner's Hercules: The Thracian Wars with a $110 million budget. The other sees Renny Harlin's $70 million take on the Greek hero, titled Hercules: The Legend Begins and lead by Kellan Lutz.  Personally, we're far more excited about the latter, featuring cast of the finest up-and-coming action stars: Lutz, Scott Adkins, and Liam McIntyre.

However, reading the comments on the newest trailer for Harlin's Hercules, we seem to be the only ones. "Can't we just get to the trailer of the Hercules movie with the Rock yet?" and "I want a trailer for Hercules The Thracian Wars, not this shit" capture the general gist of the argument.

We're hoping that The Legend Begins is a pleasant surprise to audiences. It looks reasonably stylish, well-produced and somewhat epic in nature. Lutz fits the part magnificently, despite not being as "A List" as Johnson. 

Hercules: The Legend Begins hits US cinemas on January 10th 2014.

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