DVD Review: Hard Rush

With a cast featuring Dolph Lundgren, Vinnie Jones, and Randy Couture, Hard Rush is certainly going to catch the eye of many an action fan. If willing to embrace a little bit of straight-to-DVD action then Hard Rush is a lot of fun and an enjoyably slick watch.

In the frenetic underbelly of LA, a DEA agent closes in on an international cocaine smuggling operation run by a criminal mastermind. When the agents love interest goes undercover with the drug dealers and finds herself deeper then she can handle - the case becomes personal and finds himself combating ruthless killers and dirty cops in an all-out action filled finale to bring the criminals to justice. 

Hard Rush focuses more on the workings within these drug gangs that the DEA seeks to shut-down, marking an interesting change in dynamic from the usual crime-thriller which solely focuses on the police. Here we see the high octane lifestyles of Frank (Daniel Bonjour) and Eddie (Gianni Capaldi) - two crooks who hope to climb the ladder of success. Bonjour and Capaldi do a solid job at leading the film, with the pair bringing an energy and likability to these morally questionable characters.

Director Giorgio Serafini is clearly a professional behind the camera with such credits as Game Of Death (a 2010 Wesley Snipes vehicle) and Blood Of Redemption (a further pairing with Lundgren) to his name. Serafini packs the action scenes with a slick energy resulting in some strong fight sequences and high-octane set-pieces. These are unlikely to rival the latest action blockbuster, but for a straight-to-DVD feature they are somewhat impressive.

Randy Couture turns in one of his memorable performances as Jack Reiley - a dirty cop - proving that he deserves a chance at tackling far more leading roles (he'd previously impressed in 2012 action flick Hijacked) within the genre. Lundgren and Jones's acting ability is not stretched too much in their smaller supporting roles but both bring a charismatic and recognisable screen presence to the fold - leaving us wishing to see more of their characters.

Hard Rush is a slick slice of B-Movie action that is perfect for an evening of switching off and relaxing. Serafini directs with an understated professionalism and there are enjoyable performances from Bonjour and Capaldi, as well as higher-profile stars Couture, Jones, and Lundgren.

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